Lexington’s popular Parent-Teacher Store faces uncertain future as owner plans to retire

“Business for Sale Retiring,” says the sign on the window at Lexington Parent-Teacher Store USA off Clays Mill Road.

Bowling Green-based owner Stan Young said that means the educational supply Lexington store on Partner Place either is selling or closing by the end of 2020 because he and his wife Cody Young are retiring.

Young wants somebody to buy the store because “we’ve got things that nobody else really in town has.”

Shawna Howard, shopping at the store Monday for educational supplies for her three-year-old son, Connor, to use at home, hopes the Lexington store doesn’t close.

Howard, who also works in conjunction with Fayette County public middle school orchestras, said, “We love the store. It would be really sad if it closed because its the only one in the area that I know of” where people can shop for teaching materials.

Classroom teachers, parents, home school teachers, Sunday school teachers, day care owners and grandparents are among the customers. The items are aimed at children who range from infants to about middle school age.

Suzanne Hudson, longtime manager at the store and a 26-year employee, said among the popular items are tape that doesn’t ruin the walls, rolls of thick vinyl material that can be written on, classroom decorations, educational toys and games, workbooks and books, and bulletin board supplies.

“We don’t try to compete with Wal-Mart. We sell educational materials,” Young said. His customers are people who want to enrich children’s education.

“We carry a little of everything,” Hudson said.

Assistant manager Lynn Burner said the store also sells materials that kids can touch as they learn in areas such as preschool, language arts and reading, math science and social studies.

Young said they had nine Parent Teacher Store USA’s in the southern United States at one point. He said they’ve either sold or closed five of the stores as retirement nears, he said.

“We have four left, Lexington’s being one of them,” he said.

Young wants all the stores closed by the end of 2020. The Bowling Green store has sold and three in Tennessee closed. Others store in Alabama and Florence, Ky., are also going on the market.

Hudson said she hopes that the Lexington store sells so it doesn’t have to close.

Young wants parents and teachers in Lexington to have someplace to go for educational enrichment supplies other than the internet.

“I really believe the store will sell, because it is profitable,” said Young, He said he will only discuss the sales price in person.