Screening committee recommends five possible finalists for Fayette superintendent

Fayette County Public Schools' superintendent screening committee decided Wednesday to recommend the school board consider five applicants as possible finalists to become the next superintendent.

The six-member screening panel reached its decision after meeting for almost three hours in closed session, reviewing 14 applications with a representative from McPherson & Jacobson, the district's superintendent search firm.

The screening committee's recommendations now go to the full Fayette County Board of Education, which plans to meet Tuesday to pick the finalists it will consider. The board could follow the screening committee's recommendations, and it could consider any suggestions McPherson & Jacobson might offer.

Board members are not required to follow recommendations from the screening committee or the search firm, and they could select an entirely different set of applicants as finalists.

The board is expected to choose three to five finalists and them make their names public. Each finalist would be invited for interviews and meetings with the public in early June. A decision is expected around June 10.

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