First a tornado, then cold: Weather delays opening of Morgan County school

Bad weather destroyed West Liberty Elementary School in March 2012, now it's delaying the opening of its replacement.

Principal Vickie Oldfield said the new Wrigley Elementary School was to open Monday, but classes were canceled because of the arctic blast of cold air that was making its way through Kentucky.

The culprit almost two years ago was a tornado that extensively damaged West Liberty, the Morgan County seat. It was part of an outbreak of tornadoes in Eastern Kentucky that killed 23 people.

On Sunday, more than 700 people attended an open house at the school, which started an hour earlier than originally planned because of the imminent bad weather, Oldfield said.

The new school, which has the same staff and many of the same students who went to West Liberty Elementary, is named for the community of Wrigley. Since the tornado, the school has been holding classes in the old Boneal building, a former manufacturing plant.

The new school, which has an enrollment of 270, has a full-size gym, state-of-the-art kitchen, playground and a solar-powered science room, Oldfield said.