Scott County holds first of three forums on second high school

During his first school board meeting, Scott County Schools Superintendent Kevin Hub on said building a second high school could be among his first priorities. He has asked the Scott County School Board to vote by the end of August on whether to seek a tax increase.

On Tuesday at the first of three public hearings about the school, Hub, who provided a one-page summary of his arguments to the crowd, spoke for 15 minutes from the stage John L. Hill Memorial Chapel at Georgetown College, then answered questions from the aisle.

The questions from the 50 in attendance were well thought out and, in many cases, well researched. Most agreed that a second high school is a necessity but had questions about the cost as compared to other counties, and about annual spending and maintenance.

Alan Ritchie said he believed a second high school is badly needed, but he wanted to know if the current Elkhorn Crossing School, which has classrooms but no gym or cafeteria, could be reconfigured to serve as a second high school. Ritchie also raised concerns that once taxes are raised they are rarely lowered.

Sharon Felton, who volunteers at Scott County High School, said the community needs to face the fact that students are suffering because of overcrowding, and the construction of Great Crossing needs to move forward.

There will be two more public forums on the topic:

▪ 7 p.m. Aug. 8, Scott County High School auditorium.

▪ 7 p.m. Aug. 16, Grace Christian Church, 1648 Lexington Road.

Whether or not to build a new high school has been a point of controversy in the community for at least four years.

Hub said is asking 5-cent equivalent tax increase, known as the “nickel tax,” to pay for bonds to cover the $48 million construction. With the average house in Scott County valued at $150,000, the tax increase would be about $75 per household, he said.

Great Crossing: By The Numbers

  • $48 million cost if construction begins soon
  • $52 million estimated cost if delayed one year
  • 750 students will attend
  • One phase, not multiple phases, will open the school
  • $75 average estimated increase in property tax to support construction

Source: Scott County Superintendent Kevin Hub