Campaign Watchdog: Chandler claim on tax breaks 'mostly false'

The Herald-Leader will fact-check statements made by candidates and their surrogates in the campaigns for Lexington mayor, the 6thCongressional District and U.S. Senate.

The statement: "Barr supports tax breaks that encourage companies to ship American jobs overseas, sending our jobs to China and India."

— U.S. Rep. Ben Chandler, D-Versailles, attacking his Republican challenger Andy Barr in a television commercial running this week on Lexington television stations.

The ruling: Mostly false.

The facts: Barr hasn't voiced support for the tax breaks Chandler mentions in his commercial.

To connect Barr to the tax breaks, Chandler is using Barr's opposition to a $26 billion federal spending package for the states, mostly for Medicaid and education, that Chandler supported and President Barack Obama signed into law last month.

To help pay for itself, the bill closes certain tax breaks for multinational corporations with foreign subsidiaries, which Democrats say should discourage the companies from expanding overseas rather than in the United States.

Citing this tax change, Chandler equates opposing the spending bill with supporting the loss of American jobs. Barr cannot take a stand on one without taking a stand on the other, the Chandler campaign contends.

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