She stole a Texas motel’s cash register. A large piece of wood was her weapon, video shows

This violent robber came in swinging.

Workers were standing at the front desk of a Corpus Christi, Texas, motel on June 1 when a woman in a hoodie walked up — and almost immediately, she whipped out a large piece of wood, video shows.

Pointing and batting the wood menacingly at EconoLodge Inn & Suites workers, the woman demanded they fork over the money in the cash register, according to police.

But the workers wouldn’t give in, so the woman started to get more and more aggressive, video shows. She knocked over their computer monitor with the plank. She swatted at the chairs they used to fend off her increasingly violent attacks. She even lifted herself up onto the desk and tried clambering over it.

That’s when a worker gave her the chair — literally. He shoved the woman off the desk using a wooden chair, which the woman grabbed and then cast behind her into the motel lobby, video shows. After that, the woman continued yelling and pointing aggressively at the workers.

Luckily for the workers, they still had a folding chair with them behind the counter to fight off the woman’s wood attacks, video shows.

Then the woman drew a large knife, and started swiping at workers with it. She managed to slice one of the employees, police said.

At that point — knife in one hand, wood plank in the other — the woman successfully climbed over the desk just far enough to nab the cash register drawer, video shows. And then the robber ran right out the front door.

There was about $300 inside the register, police said.

Corpus Christi police described the suspect as a 5 foot 7 inch woman weighing about 150 pounds. Police urged anyone who might help identify the aggravated robbery suspect to come forward.

Anyone with information in the case should call Crime Stoppers at 888-TIPS, or send their tip online at There’s a $2,500 cash reward for details that result in an arrest, police said.

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