Infant in soiled diaper found covered in ants on filthy van floor, Kentucky cops say

A mother and grandmother have been arrested after police encountered a disturbing scene during a traffic stop in Kentucky.

It started Thursday evening when the driver of a Chrysler Town & Country refused to pull over for Laurel County sheriff’s deputies, police said in a Facebook post. When the van finally pulled over, police discovered there were outstanding warrants for the car’s occupants, Rebecca Fultz, 32, and her mom Charolotte Simpson, 69, the car’s driver.

Deputies removed Fultz when she refused to get out of the van and arrested the two women who then said there was another passenger: a 16-day-old baby, police say.

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A mother and grandmother were arrested during a traffic stop in Kentucky on Thursday, police say. Laurel County Sheriff's Office

When police searched the vehicle they found that the baby — Fultz’s child — was not in a safety seat, but sitting between the driver and passenger seats with “its head facing toward the center console,” police say. The baby was in a dirty diaper and covered in ants, according to police, and the van was littered with trash and without working air conditioning.

A flat screen television that was also in the car was not tied down and “could have easily been thrown about in the vehicle during a sudden stop,” police say.

The baby showed signs of labored breathing and was taken to a nearby hospital where the infant improved after treatment for dehydration, police say.

The two women have been charged with first-degree criminal abuse of a child. Fultz was also charged with resisting arrest, police say. Prior to the incident, the women were wanted for failure to appear in court for car insurance and license-related offenses. They’re being held at Laurel County Corrections, police say.

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