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Gov. Matt Bevin hasn’t paid his property taxes

Gov. Matt Bevin
Gov. Matt Bevin

Gov. Matt Bevin is more than a month late paying 2016 property taxes on his Louisville house, according to records of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.

As first reported by WDRB-TV in Louisville, tax payments on Bevin’s nearly $700,000 home were due Dec. 31. Now his bill of $9,157.05 has grown to $11,080.03 because of late fees and interest.

The governor’s office did not respond to a request for comment.

Last summer, the governor said he was planning to move from Louisville to the Kentucky Governor’s Mansion in Frankfort with his wife, Glenna, and their nine children. Officials said they would keep their Louisville house.

More than half of Bevin’s property tax bill would go to Jefferson County Public Schools. On Wednesday, Bevin called the district an “unmitigated disaster,” according to press reports, and criticized the Jefferson County school board for passing a resolution to make the district a “safe haven” for immigrant students. That means the district would not hand over information on a student’s immigration status to federal authorities.

“The district relies on all citizens to pay their property taxes in order to fund our schools,” said Brent McKim of the Jefferson County Teachers’ Association. “Good schools in the community, in turn, help increase the value of people’s homes. If the governor has not paid his taxes, we would encourage him to do so as soon as possible. His taxes may make a positive difference is a child’s life.”