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On CNN, Democrat McGrath praises Trump for putting Marines in key jobs

Attempting to build on national momentum after a video announcing her candidacy to unseat U.S. Rep. Andy Barr, Democratic candidate Amy McGrath took part in a CNN interview Wednesday morning.

From a studio in Louisville, the former fighter pilot offered some praise for President Donald Trump, said she was no different than the national Democratic Party and refused to answer whether she supported a single payer healthcare system.

At a time where some Kentucky Democrats feel the party needs to distance itself from the national Democratic Party, McGrath appeared to feel otherwise.

“I don’t know that I’m different than Democratic party national,” McGrath said. “I’m just an American who fought for her country for 24 years and I still want to make a difference, I want to go out there and be a public servant.”

When asked her thoughts on Trump, McGrath noticeably paused before praising him for hiring former military members.

“When it comes to Donald Trump, I really believe that he has at least surrounded himself with my fellow Marines, Gen. Mattis and Gen. Kelly, I believe in them, I believe in their discipline,” McGrath said.

The most contentious part of the interview came when McGrath refused to answer whether she supported single payer healthcare, a system described as “Medicaid for all” that has been pushed by many on the far left, including U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders.

“I do not think Obamacare is failing, I think it can be fixed, and let’s try to fix it, let’s try to do it in the right way,” McGrath said, dodging a yes or no answer. “Let’s try to put some effort into this, some bipartisan effort and come together as a country first. And if it can’t be fixed than yeah, healthcare is a right and we need to fix that problem, that’s my answer.”

McGrath is new to the Sixth Congressional District, having just moved from Annapolis, Maryland, after 20 years in the Marine Corps. She lives in Georgetown with her husband and two children, around 45 minutes from where she was raised.

She is one of three Democrats in the race to unseat Barr in 2018, with state Sen. Reggie Thomas and perennial candidate Geoff Young.