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Today’s Capitol prayer breakfast topic: ‘Righteous’ president vs. ‘wicked’ opponents.

Several Democratic state lawmakers were taken aback when this week’s prayer breakfast, held on Fridays during the legislative session, was to be on the topic of “why the President is righteous and those against him are wicked.”

That’s how Lee Watts, self-described “Chaplain to Kentucky Capitol,” who organizes the Friday morning “Legislative Prayer Breakfast and Bible Study” in the Annex Cafeteria, listed this week’s topic on a flyer advertising it.

His flyer for the breakfast also showed a cartoon of a man and woman at a table with the man reading a newspaper. The woman asks him, “Could I see the fake news section?”

Watts, whose ministry at the Capitol is supported by several churches and not taxpayers’ dollars, said he put the topic of the righteous President and the cartoon on the flyer “to make it more interesting, to try to draw more people to the breakfast.”

He said it “had nothing to do with President Trump.”

Instead, Watts said, the topic focused on the biblical character Daniel in the Book of Daniel, chapter 6, verses 1-2.

The verses refer to Daniel of Daniel and the Lions Den fame as an administrator or president, said Watts.

Watts said he never mentioned Trump in his discussion of the verses at the breakfast that attracted about 50 people.

House Democratic leader Rocky Adkins of Sandy Hook said Watts should be more careful in describing the breakfast sessions’ topics.

“The legislative prayer breakfast has been a great thing that has the support of many throughout the Capitol, but the flyer distributed this morning seemed to indicate that it would be partisan and political rather than a moment of prayer and a focus on faith,” said Adkins.

“That is not the purpose of this gathering, and I hope future ones will not take the same approach.”

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