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Bevin appoints a judge who was defeated in November to Fayette Circuit Court seat


Gov. Matt Bevin has appointed attorney John Reynolds to a vacant Fayette Circuit Court seat less than six months after Reynolds was defeated in the November general election.

Reynolds, who is an attorney in Nicholasville, was appointed by Bevin in early 2018 to fill the unexpired term of Judge James Ishmael Jr., who retired. Reynolds was defeated by Lucy VanMeter in the November general election.

Reynolds will serve until the November 2019 general election. A nonpartisan judicial nominating commission recommended three attorneys to Bevin to fill the vacancy. In addition to Reynolds, the other attorneys recommended for the position were Erin Celeste Sammons and Thomas M. Todd, both of Lexington.

Reynolds, who received his law degree from the University of Kentucky, will fill a vacancy created when former Fayette Circuit Judge Pamela Goodwine was elected to the state Court of Appeals in November.

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