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Kentucky lawmaker says she won't contest ticket for driving 109 mph

Rep. Regina Bunch took her seat in the House Chamber after being sworn in.
Rep. Regina Bunch took her seat in the House Chamber after being sworn in.

FRANKFORT — A state lawmaker who was ticketed Tuesday by Lexington police for driving 109 mph on Interstate 75 reversed course Wednesday and said she will not contest the speeding ticket.

Rep. Regina Bunch, R-Williamsburg, was pulled over just after 10:30 a.m. Tuesday for traveling 39 mph above the speed limit near the 108-mile marker of I-75 in Lexington. She was driving a black 2013 Cadillac with an official license plate unique to Kentucky lawmakers.

"I do want to set the record straight that despite a report by a media outlet, I do not plan to contest the speeding ticket I received on Interstate 75 in Lexington," Bunch said Wednesday in a statement released by the communications director for the House Republican Caucus.

The statement contradicts what Bunch told an editor of the Lexington Herald-Leader Tuesday evening, when she asked the newspaper not to publish a story about the speeding violation in Wednesday's newspaper.

"I did not go that fast," Bunch told the newspaper Tuesday. "I'm going to contest it."

Bunch, in the statement released Wednesday, said she did not realize how fast she was going and hopes that by taking responsibility for her actions, she will set an example for other Kentuckians.

"While I did not realize how fast I was going until I was pulled over and cited by a police officer, it is no excuse for the fact that I broke the law, plain and simple," Bunch said. "None of us are above the law, especially when it comes to safe driving on Kentucky's highways."

Bunch said the ticket was a valuable "lesson learned" and that she hopes others realize the importance of obeying speed limits.

"I especially hope it serves as a lesson to our younger drivers, and I will chalk this up personally as a lesson learned and strive harder as a public servant, as a teacher, and as a parent and grandparent to set a better example for all Kentuckians," Bunch said in the statement.

Tuesday's ticket was the second time in less than a year that Bunch has been ticketed for speeding on the same stretch of I-75. Lexington police cited Bunch on Aug. 14 for traveling 91 mph, driving too close and improper lane use. Those charges were dismissed with a warning.

Bunch represents the 82nd House District, which includes Whitley County and a portion of Laurel County.

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