‘Antagonized’ Kentucky suspect says he stole Pokémon cards, loot ‘out of spite’

1999: Pokemon Trading cards
1999: Pokemon Trading cards AP

A Kentucky man has been charged after shoplifting for spite from a Family Dollar store where an employee was antagonizing him, police said.

After reponding to a report of shoplifting at a Louisville Family Dollar Friday, officers located 33-year-old Michael Larocco, who was yelling at an employee while walking out of the door with several items, accordding to the arrest citation.

Larocco was detained by an officer and when the officer asked him what was going on, the suspect said he was “intending on taking some items from the store but then was confronted by the employee who antagonized him,” according to court records.

The officer recovered 99 packs of Pokémon cards that Larocco was holding, along with a pair of shoes, a pair of socks and a pack of chopped ham that was stuffed down his underwear, his arrest citation states. Larocco told the officer he stole the items “out of spite” because he didn’t like how the employee was treating him, according to court records.

The total of the items Larocco is accused of stealing is $120.69.

He was charged with shoplifting. He has been released from Louisville Metro Corrections and will be arraigned Tuesday.

The video shows an officer capture a distracted driver, a jay walker and a lone woman in a Pokeball, while offering pun-laden advice such as: “Don’t let anyone lure you into a bad situation.”