Kentucky day care worker accused of ‘slamming’ 4-year-old against wall. Charges follow.

An Owensboro daycare worker has been arrested after she allegedly injured a child by “slamming” her against a wall.

Owensboro police received a complaint last month of child abuse at Dar Nek child care center in Owensboro and later determinedthat Keisha Chism, 48, “recklessly abused” a 4-year-old child,” according to her arrest citation.

Chism allegedly dealt with the child in an aggressive manner when she slammed her against the wall on more than one occasion, according to court documents. She is also accused of “forcefully holding the child where her body was ‘folded’ up for several seconds while the child screamed.”

The child sustained minor injuries to her arms, police said. The situation “might have caused serious physical injury” to the child, court documents revealed.

According to Chism’s arrest citation, witnesses reported her actions had been ongoing, but her superiors did nothing about it.

Chism was arrested Friday and charged with third-degree criminal abuse.

The child care center, which is a Head Start program, is located on the campus of Owensboro Community & Technical College.