Tornado with 110 mph winds confirmed in Kentucky, wiping out part of a marina dock

Two tornadoes hit four Western Kentucky counties Sunday, damaging part of a marina dock and other property, the National Weather Service said Monday.

They were among about a half-dozen tornadoes that struck Western Kentucky over three days.

One tornado occurred about 5:15 p.m. near the Moors Resort & Marina in Marshall County. The marina said Sunday that two docks were damaged, but its lodging, campground and restaurant remained open.

No one was injured in the tornado, which had windsof more than 110 mph, WPSD meteorologist Noah Bergen told the Paducah Sun.

Several people were on the dock when the tornado struck, a witness told WPSD.

“My husband said get your jacket on we’ve got to go help these people. The dock was on top of their boats,” J.J. Miller told WPSD. “They were trapped. It was pouring down rain. We couldn’t hear each other it was so loud.”

There was additional damage across Carlisle, Ballard and McCracken counties from a separate EF1 tornado Sunday, according to the weather service.

WPSD reported churches, buildings, cars, power lines were damaged throughout McCracken, Graves and Livingston counties, but it wasn’t clear if a tornado caused destruction in Graves and Livingston.

“Again, Mother Nature lets us know who’s in charge,” the Marshall County Emergency Management Agency said on Facebook.

Nearly 4,000 Paducah Power System customers were without power Sunday. “We’re not sure who made Mother Nature mad, but we wish they’d make up,” the utility company said.

Separate EF1 tornadoes Friday also struck Simpson and Allen counties, which are near Bowling Green. The National Weather Service said Allen County tornado had 95 mph winds and caused “significant straight-line wind damage.” The Simpson County tornado had 90 mph winds and touched down near Interstate 65, according to the weather service.

Two tornadoes also struck in Christian County on Friday, destroying three empty grain silos and damaging eight to ten homes, the weather service said.

The Marshall County Emergency Management Agency also reported “major damage” at Kentucky Dam stake park and Kentucky Dam Marina from a storm Friday.

“This has been a pretty intense series of storms over the three-day period, but it just happens to be the time of year when you can have turbulent weather like this,” Jerome Mansfield, director of McCracken County’s Office of Emergency Management, told the Paducah Sun.