Garrard church celebrates 225th anniversary

Old Paint Lick Presbyterian Church in Garrard County will celebrate its 225th anniversary this weekend.

The church was built of logs on a four-acre tract in 1782 and founded by the Rev. David Rice, a Presbyterian minister from Virginia.

One of the four men credited with building the church, Thomas Maxwell, also helped organize the Presbyterian church at Silver Creek in Madison County, and later moved to Lexington where he was an officer in the first Presbyterian church in the city. Maxwell Street was named after him, according to historians at Paint Lick Presbyterian.

In 1830, a new brick church was built near Ky. 52, across the highway from Manse Road and the location of the first church. Church historians say it was the largest congregation in the state circa 1860.

Church members were divided over issues that brought on the Civil War, and members remained divided after the war, with each group meeting separately in the church on alternate Sundays with its own minister.

The members reunited to build the current church in 1874. Today, Old Paint Lick Presbyterian, 9 miles east of Lancaster, has about 30 members.