Attorney Cunningham out of jail

One of the attorneys accused of taking money from clients in a multimillion-dollar diet-drug settlement case is out of jail. Shirley Cunningham, 52, was released on bond from the Boone County jail on Wednesday.

He had been held in custody for more than a year after a federal judge had set his bond at $45 million. Last Friday, the bond was reset to $1.25 million.

Another attorney in the case, William Joseph Gallion, remained in custody on Wednesday evening. His bond was reset last week to $2.5 million from $52 million.

U.S. District Judge Danny Reeves stipulated Friday that Cunningham must be subject to home detention and wear GPS monitoring equipment. Reeves said the men can give out gifts worth only up to $1,000 to make sure they're not liquidating or hiding assets.

A third attorney charged in the case was acquitted at a trial earlier this year.