Sex-video case plea planned

A former southern Kentucky college student plans to plead guilty to charges that he tried to coerce a young woman into making a sexually graphic video for him.

Sungkook Kim's attorney has filed a motion asking that Kim be allowed to plead guilty to charges of extortion, illegally accessing computers and using someone else's identification.

However, Kim plans to fight a charge that he possessed child pornography, his attorney, Paul K. Croley II, said in the motion.

The child-porn charge carries a higher potential sentence than the other charges.

Kim, 23, was a student at the University of the Cumberlands in Williamsburg when he allegedly used an electronic device to steal other people's log-in and password information from computers at the school.

Kim told authorities that he looked on a computer that someone had left on in the science lab, found a video clip of a female student having sex with her boyfriend, and saved it to a thumb drive.

Kim allegedly told the woman that if she didn't send him a video of herself masturbating, he would send embarrassing images to her friends and professors.

The woman reported the threat to police, who found child pornography on Kim's computer during a search, according to court documents.

Kim denied possessing child porn, however.

Police arrested Kim in November. The university expelled him and he is being held without bond.