Gas thieves take 1,000 gallons from FAA, company in EKy

Kentucky State Police are investigating a string of diesel fuel robberies in Eastern Kentucky.

In two thefts in two weeks, 655 gallons of fuel, valued at around $2,300 was stolen from the Federal Aviation Administration radar tower on Black Mountain near the Virginia state line, police said.. The most recent theft of 55 gallons was reported Monday.

On Wednesday, 475 gallons valued at $1,700 were taken from Forrest Products Incorporated in Harlan. Radios and tools valued at $1,500 were also taken.

The robberies are connected, according to a KSP release, and investigators are asking for help.

Police are asking for anyone who may have “purchased discounted diesel fuel from private individuals” to contact the KSP post in Harlan at 606-573-3131.