Joel Pett

Joel Pett’s Year in Review

Over the past year, well-meaning people offered a version of the following: “Hey! With the current politics, I’ll bet you’re having a field day!”

Okay, maybe technically true, but it’s a little like congratulating firefighters in California on their job security, or noting to Doctors Without Borders that they have no shortage of opportunity.

The point is, it’s not worth it. I don’t root for the demise of the republic just to make my gig easier. I’m quite certain that another round of the Clintons in the White House would have offered plenty of grist, even without taking away people’s health care, making billionaires richer, further dividing the country, or declaring war on environmentalism.

Nevertheless, I put pen to paper for the 33rd year here at Main and Midland. These are a few dozen of my personal favorites.

I hope you enjoy them and here’s to a field-year for all of us.