Letters to the Editor

Barr’s photo-op politics

I’m shocked to read that U.S. Rep. Andy Barr, R-Lexington, has introduced a bill that would authorize the Department of the Interior to move toward bringing Camp Nelson Civil War Heritage Park into the National Park System.

Did I read right, “R-Lexington”? “R” means Republican, right? Republicans favor states rights and free enterprise capitalism, not federalism, cooperation and tax-supported ventures.

I would be impressed if Barr also sponsored legislation to create a tax structure to solve our crumbling infrastructure and improve the parks we already have. This proposal appears to be mere grandstanding and photo-op politics. Give a popular idea with one hand but refuse to fund with the other.

Such a park is a noble idea but until rich Republicans begin to pay fair taxes, it is better left to the state. We need representatives who will fix our taxes first.

Robert Cunningham

Mount Sterling