Letters to the Editor

John D. Price High

I urge naming the new school John D. Price High School, in honor of my late brother, the former school board chairman. I can attest that in his personal life he always led by example, with care and compassion, with patience, generosity, leadership and humility.

John worked tirelessly for the school system in Fayette County. He made every effort to help all students, not only through the PTA and School Board, but in his business. He welcomed students through the ECBC program year after year.

He was involved with the decision to have a new high school and in the selection process for the location. The location is near where John grew up, in the District where his daughter attended high school and which he represented on the school board.

There are current students who know who John D. Price is and the many good qualities he demonstrated in his life. It might be a good thing for these students to see such a person they knew, and likely admired, be recognized and honored in this way for his contributions to the students of Fayette County.

Janella T. Price