Letters to the Editor

Bevin’s irresponsible embrace of violence

I am dumbstruck by Gov. Matt Bevin’s remarks at the Value Voters Conference in Washington D.C., about the possible need to become physically violent to preserve religious and conservative values.

I suppose I should not be shocked, since the bounds of civil discourse have already been shattered by the hate rantings from the Donald Trump campaign.

Is this our governor’s call to arms? Is he now giving permission for youth and adults to be bullied mentally and physically by holders of so-called conservative Christian values?

The fact that he portrays himself as a member of the Christian right and yet calls for violence is an appalling misinterpretation of Christ’s teachings and his call for peace on Earth.

Our right to peacefully protest to resolve conflict is too sacred. Our right to go to the ballot box is too sacred. For a political leader to suggest that violence may be a solution to our struggles is a complete affront to the democratic principles upon which this country was founded.

It is a profoundly dangerous idea and Bevin has shown tremendous irresponsibility in putting this vision in the public eye.

Carol S. Strange