Letters to the Editor

Words matter

In the article about diesel truck drivers who remove their emissions controls to “roll coal,” I was stopped by the word “rampant” as in “rampant environmentalism.” I re-read the sentence leaving it out.

These adolescents are helped by the language reporters use, and reporters and the adolescents are both being led by those who profit from no regulation at all. We are in the mess we’re in because of the movement against what some call “government overreach” but which 50 years ago was normal. Even adolescents wanted clean air, clean water, a living wage and the protection of our elected representatives against cut-throat capitalism.

“Dark Money” by Jane Mayer may be telling us what we already knew, but to see the reason that we cannot trust anyone and learn about the lack of ethical standards and deliberate lies by groups who have influenced the thinking of so many is enlightening but sad.

I had always believed that newspaper reporters were among those who defend truth. Every reporter cannot be an investigative reporter. But every reporter can carefully watch their own language.

Sara M. Porter