Letters to the Editor

Miners rally for pensions

Rand Paul spent more than $35 million campaigning in the last five years. How many times did he visit East Kentucky coal country? How much money did he spend per visit?

Mitch McConnell has raised tens of millions of dollars on the phrase “War on Kentucky Coal.” McConnell has been in Congress 30 years. What has Mitch done for East Kentucky coal country?

Matt Bevin continues to use Kentucky as his own piggy bank. How much money has has he spent just on lawsuits? What about the needs of East Kentucky coal country?

Andy Barr now wants the people of East Kentucky coal country to be at the mercy of banks that take risky investments with their money.

On Sept. 9, I did not see Paul, McConnell or Bevin standing with with the active and retired coal miners marching in Washington trying to secure pensions for retired coal miners. Their retirement will be in the $40,000 to $80,000 a year range and they don’t have to rally for it.

James Rodgers