Letters to the Editor

Barnhart, Stoops responsible

The Big Blue Nation ties Mitch Barnhart to Mark Stoops. Bluegrass sports society and national sports analysts took shots at our football program as if they were auditioning for a comedy gig. Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson said Kentucky basketball is king and football is queen.

When NFL fans pay big bucks to watch their favorite teams lose year in and year out, the man at the top always draws scrutiny. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is exempt from being terminated as an executive because he’s the owner. Barnhart has had two quality hires: Rich Brooks and John Calipari.

Young fans pay to see a team that wins using “new-age type offenses.” When the standard is absent year after year, the jobs of the powers-that-be are questioned. That is the sports society we live in, and our BBN fan base is fed up with Barnhart and Stoops, who are responsible for the product they put on the field.

UK fans are young and impatient and their money counts; they, along with powerful donors, will force a change.

Alvin Brown