Letters to the Editor

PACS for the poor

Congressman Andy Barr wants to reform the failed “war on poverty.” He wants to give poor people even less in order to influence them to change their behavior and get a good job.

He already has the tools to win the “war on poverty.” All he has to do is make it legal for poor people to have political-action committees. Look how PACs have transformed politicians’ jobs.

They no longer have to invite the voters to local meeting halls to beg for campaign contributions. With PACs they can get unlimited donations from anonymous out-of-state donors wanting to influence their behavior and spend it any way they want.

If poor people had PACs those same anonymous donors could be filling up the PACs with cash in order to influence the poor people to give up their welfare and food stamps.

Like the politicians, the poor could give family members high-paid part-time jobs at the PACs to get them off the dole too.

Then all those former poor people could use their PAC funds to entertain donors at the Kentucky Derby, just like Barr.

Kevin Kline