Letters to the Editor

Trump is no Lincoln

At the Lincoln Dinner, Sen. Mitch McConnell, Rep. Andy Barr and the rest of Kentucky’s Republican leadership urged Donald Trump’s election.

Not only has the Republican Party moved far from Lincoln’s values, but Trump is a mirror opposite of Kentucky’s native son.

Lincoln was humble and introspective; Trump is more full of himself than any American in public life and seems incapable of self-reflection. Lincoln was renowned for his empathy and respect for others. The list of persons and groups for whom Trump has shown contempt is extraordinary.

Words and truth mattered to Lincoln. Gaining attention matters to “The Donald.” Lincoln courageously faced realities, while Trump lives in a fantasy where “everyone loves me” and the risks of climate change (a far greater threat than ISIS) is a hoax.

Lincoln respected the complexities of war; Trump’s ideas about what the military can accomplish are frighteningly simplistic.

Hillary Clinton may have shortcomings, but for Kentucky’s Republican leadership to ask us to elect instead a man with no record of public service who burst upon the scene offering us celebrity over substance, ego over judgment, snake-oil-salesmanship over diplomacy, is a stunning betrayal. Deep down, even McConnell and Barr must know how unacceptable he is.

T. Kerby Neill