Letters to the Editor

Liberalism may be a disease

I used to think the old joke that liberalism is a mental disease was pretty funny. However, recent events have changed my line of thinking. Let me give just two examples.

Out in California, the governor is worried about cow gas. They are passing laws to try and limit cow gas because methane gas causes global warming. I have a better idea. They should just close all the Mexican restaurants out there. This act alone would eliminate millions of metric tons of methane gas being “produced” each year.

Secondly, if you look up the percentage of people who are transgender, the number appears to be around 0.3 percent. Doing the math, that means that 99.7 percent of our people know where they need to go to the bathroom. Why should we restructure our entire bathroom system for so small a population who think they need to use the other bathroom?

People are being executed daily in the streets of Chicago. There is a heroin epidemic ravaging our society. Our national debt just eclipsed $19 trillion. Why in the world would our government be worried about cow gas and bathroom issues?

Jerry Johnson