Letters to the Editor

Barr fighting poverty with new ideas

Robert W. Shaffer’s recent op-ed, “War on Poverty a clear asset, despite opposition,” attacks our Congressman Andy Barr as being opposed to the War on Poverty.

There is only one problem: Barr is not opposed to the War on Poverty. In fact, he is the only one actually trying to have a discussion about how we can do better as a country to fight the underlying causes of poverty.

No one can claim the 50 years of the War on Poverty and all of the money spent has solved this problem — especially not in Eastern Kentucky and in areas affected by urban poverty.

Rather than attacking him with false accusations, I would hope more people would join Barr in looking at how we can make these programs better. Something has to be done, and we need to approach this situation in a new and creative way.

I believe Barr has the heart and optimism to explore creative solutions to finally enable folks to get themselves out of the cycle of poverty.

Eugene Young