Letters to the Editor

Recipe for dictatorship

In the past, but within my lifetime, a dangerously unbalanced politician figured out how to win the hearts and minds of fellow citizens. He threw his country into chaos that spread into world conflict which we should never forget.

Unable to explain the current state of political confusion in my own country, I began reading to find the secret of that dictator’s unlikely success. Summarized, it goes something like this:

Keep the dogma simple. Be powerfully direct, speak only in telling or ordering mode. Reduce concepts to stereotypes. Speak to people’s emotions not their reasoning power. Do not be concerned with speaking the truth. Keep the people stirred up. Repeat points over and over. Focus on creating zealots. Find simple slogans to drive the movement forward.

Have we so soon forgotten that repetition does not make a false statement true? Can we not recognize the difference between a serious politician and a self-interested bully?

Are we so driven by fear we will grasp at any promise of security, even to the point of sacrificing our basic rights and freedoms?

The old adage is still true that those who ignore history are bound to repeat it.

Judy Johnson