Letters to the Editor

Kemper for Congress

U.S. Rep. Andy Barr has fought tirelessly to end business regulations at the expense of Kentuckians living in his 6th Congressional District.

He’s voted repeatedly to end expanded health care for his constituents, health care subsidies and taxes to pay for health-care expansion. Better to let Kentuckians in the 6th pay for their own health care or go without than to burden business.

Barr voted against those in the 6th District suffering from asbestosis by making it harder for them to receive money from businesses responsible for their illness.

Barr voted against the “fiduciary” rule that would help protect Kentucky retirees from being sold bad investment advice by brokers more interested in their bottom line than Kentuckians.

Barr voted against Federal Communications Commission rate regulations that block internet-access providers from charging different rates for broadband access.

Think of this as internet access based on money. Poorer Kentuckians end up with an internet equivalent of a meandering pothole country dirt road, while rich businesses get the brand-new freeway express lane.

There’s a choice this November: Replace Barr with Nancy Jo Kemper. Kemper understands regulations have a reason. Regulations are about protecting the interests of working Kentuckians.

Peter Wedlund