Letters to the Editor

Barr was right on Iran

Approximately one year ago, the Herald-Leader ran a cartoon mocking Congressman Andy Barr’s opposition to the Obama-Kerry Iran deal.

I think it is more than clear that Barr was correct. This paper should apologize to him and own its mistake.

The Obama administration facilitated sending $400 billion in cash to Iran, apparently in exchange for getting our prisoners home, and enabled Iran to receive billions more in sanctions relief.

In the meantime, Iran’s nuclear program appears to be full-steam ahead and Russian missile purchases continue unabated. In addition, the U.S. is rewarded with “Death to America” chants, hostage-taking and continued harassment of our sailors. Finally, Iran’s spreading of chaos in the Middle East continues.

Bottom Line: When will the Herald-Leader admit it was wrong about this one?

Donald C. Storm

Retired major general, U.S. Army