Letters to the Editor

Issues for congressional race

Our elections are not based on the truth. Thus, most voters and non voters do not trust elected officials.

Almost all successful candidates, at all levels, are beholden to big investors in campaigns. Voters loyally vote for bought candidates.

Andy Barr is a nice guy, a religious family man lacking in substance and courage to do the right thing if it hit him in the head. Not principled nor a leader, his representation is just not for us.

His opponent, Nancy Jo Kemper, on the other hand, is both a religious scholar and economic- and social-justice oriented. Not the typical political personality, she is, however, honest and courageous.

On the issue of banking, few citizens understand the reality of robbery done by banks at many levels. Few understand how banking tax havens offshore rob us, too.

If Kemper would passionately address taxes and election reform, citizens would identify with her more.

However, I also challenge her to address the issue of nonprofits’ abuse of our tax system or eliminating a system that protects many nonprofits’ vast income, tax-free land holdings and spending.

I want better.

Don Pratt