Letters to the Editor

Poor GOP track record

Donald Trump has been more slippery than an eel with his policy positions. He has caved in by endorsing multi-trillion-dollar tax cuts for the wealthy.

Previous tax cuts for the wealthy have allowed them to double their wealth while the middle class has stagnated under the expenses. The national debt has ballooned to $18 trillion from $1 trillion before supply-side/voodoo economics, blocking our ability to finance the next large war.

The ship of state will be on the rocks soon without a dedicated 10 percent surcharge tax on the gross income of the top 10 percent of the wealthiest taxpayers.

We know the Republican failures by their fruits: debt, 15-year wars, the Great Recession, reducing the middle class by 5 million people and strenuously lying about wanting smaller government but hardly reducing it at all.

Allen T. Kelley