Letters to the Editor

Fund higher-ed, not the Ark

As it should have, Kentucky’s Supreme Court ruled that Gov. Matt Bevin’s retroactive cuts to our state universities budgets was an unlawful and unconstitutional exercise of power.

I both anticipate and hope that other similar measures taken by this man are also found to be illegal and that they are repealed as well. But, in the meantime, Bevin cries about the $18 million that he will now not have for other purposes.

Well, I have a suggestion for him: $18 million is exactly the same amount of money that Bevin decided to allow the religiously inspired boondoggle, the Ark Park. The giving of these tax revenues to this inconsequential and misleading waste of resources has always been incredibly controversial.

The entity discriminates in hiring of employees by imposing a religious test, and the granting of this tax break would have been ruled unconstitutional and illegal by the state’s highest court, if Bevin had continued to defend in court Gov. Steve Beshear’s decision to withhold the tax breaks.

So, the way ahead is clear. Rescind the granting of the unwise tax incentive to help bring the budget back into balance.

Jim Porter