Letters to the Editor

End Bevin’s bad start

Can anyone recall a Kentucky governor getting off to a worse start than Matt Bevin?

He has approved a contract for up to $500,000 for a private firm to investigate former Governor Steve Beshear, because that’s a good use of taxpayer dollars.

He has more than likely violated the state constitution in abolishing the University of Louisville Board of Trustees.

He has submitted a proposal to the federal government to allow Kentucky to make changes to Medicaid benefits that will very likely not be approved.

And his plan to convince Kentucky state representatives to switch parties has blown up in his face.

Rep. Kevin Sinnette reported Bevin threatened that if he didn’t switch parties he would do everything in his power to take him down. The governor left Rep. Russ Meyer a voicemail stating, “I want you to be very aware of the impact those decisions have on you, your seat, your district, etc., just so we have all of the cards on the table.”

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know what Bevin meant. I’m very ashamed of the choices and behavior our governor has demonstrated. Let’s start working to make a change before it gets any worse.

Geoff Wilson