Letters to the Editor

Don’t disparage high court

Over the years, liberal and conservative voices have disparaged Supreme Court decisions. One group or the other notes the decision is far-reaching or is detrimental to the country. Hurrah, live with the legal ramifications.

I tire of arguments that the court’s decisions are ruinous to our country and are only setting social policy. These statements show lack of confidence, knowledge and intent of our Constitution. To those folks I would note every decision is a societal decision and each affects every American as a matter of law, not policy.

Our Constitution was and is a marvelously conceived document and assures stability. To the Christian audience, the overall document cries for separation of religiosity and government. Our forefathers thought highly of this concept, more than many other protections within.

Shame also on those who decry the court as social intrusion. It occurs to me that those who make these claims damage our country inherently more than legal interpretation.

Robert D. Hall