Letters to the Editor

Even Prather’s a lefty

With the shrinking size of the paper and the left-leaning content it seems the Herald-Leader has become the Democratic Party’s newsletter. Even the religion writer, Paul Prather, has succumbed to the mandatory anti-Republican slant.

Specifically, his Sept. 4 article on why evangelicals deserted the progressives was interesting and made some pointed observations. He noted that originally, progressives supported causes such as abolition of slavery and child labor that were consistend with Christian teaching. But their current advocacy of secular causes such as gay marriage, unlimited abortion, etc. are contrary to mainstream Christianity.

However, his last paragraph claimed that evangelicals “began to covet riches just as Republican moguls did.” I re-read the whole article and found nothing in it to support an assertion that money or riches had anything to do with evangelicals opposing the progressive left’s causes.

And, as for “Republican moguls,” what party does Prather believe that George Soros, Tom Steyer, Hillary Clinton and most of the Hollywood elites belong to? Or is there no such thing as Democratic moguls?

Larry Schneider