Letters to the Editor

Families need Marsy’s Law

I am writing in response to Ernie Lewis’ Aug. 28 column, “Victims’ law targets imaginary problem.”

In July 2013, I experienced every mother’s worst nightmare when I found out that my 16-year-old son, Ezavion, had been shot and killed. Two months later, I formed the organization S.W.A.G. (Sisters and Supporters Working Against Gun Violence), a nonprofit organization in Lexington for mothers and loved ones who have lost their children to gun violence.

Lewis is wrong. The problem that Marsy’s Law seeks to address is real. I’ve lived it firsthand and talk to other victims’ family members on a daily basis who have lived it as well.

Despite my best efforts to stay involved in my son’s case, I was left in the dark. Marsy’s Law would incorporate a victims’ bill of rights in the state constitution, providing victims and their families with constitutional rights to be present at court proceedings and the right to receive timely notification of major developments in their cases.

I encourage the General Assembly to make Marsy’s Law a priority during the 2017 session, so that no other grieving mother or family has to navigate a complex and imbalanced criminal justice system as I did.

Tonya Lindsey