Letters to the Editor

She all you got?

Is Hillary Clinton really the best person the Democrats can come up with? I guess the party of John Kennedy has died.

Clinton was asked 39 questions about her email server, and nearly every answer was that she couldn’t remember. And she expects to be elected president? She doesn’t have any ideas; her whole agenda is to criticize and scream “racism.”

The Democrats’ way to fix anything is to just spend more money. The cities in disarray — Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis and Baltimore — are all run by Democrats. We are being overrun by illegal immigrants and President Barack Obama has released thousands of criminals to prey on citizens.

This country cannot survive the way it’s headed. The key to saving this country is sending Donald Trump to the White House; Clinton to the jailhouse; Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to the nut house and Obama to the outhouse.

Doyle Glass