Letters to the Editor

Clinton likely bribed Obama

Recently, in defense of trustworthiness, Hillary Clinton replied, “President Obama trusted me enough to appoint me secretary of state.” Her appointment could be seen as payment of a bribe.

On June 3, 2008, the delegate count eliminated Clinton, but she was determined to take her candidacy to the convention. Her attitude upset the black caucus in Congress; it would have shortened Barack Obama’s campaign time.

Caucus leaders met with Clinton and Obama and she soon ended her presidential aspiration “for the good of the party.”

President-elect Obama later appointed her secretary of state and the rest is a history of grievous failures in the Middle East, self-serving email abuses and substantial increases in her foundation’s bank account.

In 2017, only Donald Trump will have the intent and financial freedom to reactivate the American dream. That is the plain truth.

Shafter Bailey