Letters to the Editor

Emperor Trump has no clothes

Trump’s lack of preparation is not the most frightening aspect of his debate performance. He didn’t prepare because he thought he didn’t have to, that he could win the debate by attacking the Clintons and Obama, interrupting Hillary, bragging on himself — his usual bluster.

He showed that he has so little respect for the office he is seeking and so little regard for voters wanting to hear his plans for keeping the world safe for the next generation, that surely Americans with children or grandchildren are terrified to think our country and planet could be his next acquisitions.

Here’s what he didn’t count on. He missed the raucous shouts and chants that fuel him the way every would-be dictator is fueled by crowds unable to see through seductive promises and self-aggrandizement until it’s too late, and they realize that the emperor has no clothes.

Shirley Baechtold