Letters to the Editor

Family has education role

About a month ago the Herald-Leader reported on the changes the Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence said was necessary in order to close the achievement gap, mainly between black and Hispanic students when compared to white students.

State Rep. Derrick Graham also wrote an opinion in which he asked for everyone’s opinion to help with this task, thus causing my letter.

I was struck by the committee’s failure to give the family a prominent place in the study to solve the problem. The only mention in the article was that the climate and culture of schools need to support students and their families.

I was first in my family to graduate from college, but my family valued education and instilled in me the desire to continually learn. This value was passed on to my children, all three college graduates. Now I have nine grandchildren and expect all to have a college degree and more. They are taught in the home that education equals opportunity, equals careers, equals a good living and also a chance to help our fellowman.

Regardless, of what the Prichard Committee says about the color of a teacher’s skin, we need to reward talent and qualifications over quotas.

Charles Adams