Letters to the Editor

Barr good for veterans

I would like to take the opportunity to acknowledge Congressman Andy Barr for the regular communications to all his constituents, in which he shares information of importance on topics related to our district and our nation.

In over 47 years of voting, in five different congressional districts across four states, I cannot recall any congressional representative who has made more of an effort to keep their district informed.

Also as a veteran I would like to thank him for his dedication and commitment to our veterans and active duty personnel, within the 6th District and nationally. Many politicians claim commitment to veterans; Barr takes action. He formed the 6th Congressional District Veterans Coalition, which meets regularly throughout the year and is open to all veterans and non-veterans who have questions, concerns or anyone who would like to know more about pending actions coming out of Washington which might impact our veterans and active duty service personnel. I highly recommend anyone with interest to attend the next meeting to meet and listen to our veterans.

Drew Costa