Letters to the Editor

No free college ride

It appears that some high-school graduates feel that a free college education is a taxpayer obligation. Would this mean that unqualified people could just prance off to college at taxpayer’s expense?

What happens to people who have the skills and desire to do other things? What about plumbers, electricians, auto technicians and carpenters?

Ever need a plumber on Saturday afternoon? If you have a sore tooth, you can wait until Monday for help. You won’t like it, but you can wait. But when you need a plumber, you need a plumber. Do these new rules just supply bartenders for art history majors?

Have any of these candidates considered working while in school? I graduated with two technical degrees, but it took six years and two summers. I worked summers and a full night shift. So tell me: Is my rebate check in the mail?

Stephen Stinson