Letters to the Editor

Sit out the protest

Gandhi, the hippies of the ’60s and the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. proved there is strength in mass protest. It brings results.

In the current season of disrespect for our country, the military and our flag by a select group of prima-donna jocks, there is only one remedy: protest.

For those teams that allow their athletes to use sporting events as political platforms, the public should simply boycott the games, turn off the TVs and don’t buy their shoddy junk (shirts, bats, balls, posters).

America is the most free place in the world, which gives uneducated sportsmen an opportunity to excel, have influence and make big money.

If they hate the country so much, they should move to China, Iran, North Korea or Cuba. They would get to protest, but just for one game. Without 24-7 coverage they’d be relegated to the characters that they really are: men playing boys’ games and getting rich.

Robert Adams