Letters to the Editor

Can’t buy Barr for $6,000

The Sept. 21 editorial tried to connect Andy Barr to the Wells Fargo scandal because he has accepted $10,500 in campaign contributions from them since 2013. I think it is important that we get the whole story out in the open.

Based on data from OpenSecrets.org, Barr has received $6,000 from Wells Fargo this election cycle. I assume the remaining $4,500 was from a previous election cycle. Sixty senators, representatives and/or candidates seeking office have received more from Wells Fargo than Barr this cycle.

Since he sits on the House Financial Services Committee, I would think he would be at the top of their list instead of the bottom. Everyone selects their own standard of ethics, and if you think the $6,000 Barr received disqualifies him for public office consider Hillary Clinton.

Clinton received $258,000 from Wells Fargo this election cycle, whereas Trump has only received $29,000. Also Bill Clinton received a $200,000 speaking fee from Wells Fargo in 2011.

Your readers are looking forward to your endorsement of Donald J. Trump.

Norman Johnson