Letters to the Editor

Repudiate Trump

How can Sen. Mitch McConnell not repudiate Donald Trump’s candidacy? Trump is utterly lacking in the temperament, experience, knowledge, attention span and intelligence required to lead our great country.

My theory: McConnell and Paul Ryan think they could use Trump as a rubber stamp for legislation, appointments and executive orders. But have they not seen that Trump is uncontrollable? His revolving door of campaign teams have only succeeded in keeping him on message briefly before he is compelled to insult someone. Narcissist Trump is addicted to the attention he attracts by creating outrage, uproar and discord.

What happens when he directs the insults at foreign leaders?

Trump with his finger on the nuclear button is far more terrifying than any Islamic or Christian terrorists could be. Our elected officials should put their love of country before political party and their individual will to power and repudiate this unstable, dangerous demagogue.

Chris Heinz