Letters to the Editor

Sunny news on energy

On Sept. 12, I and five others attended a renewable energy tour in Frankfort. As part of the Kentucky Student Environmental Coalition political working group, I helped set up the first part of the tour. Kentucky State University was kind enough to let us use a conference room to convene with our guest speaker, David Kinloch, president of Shaker Hydro, who taught us about the many benefits of hydroelectric power and the potential for its use in Kentucky.

Next on our tour was the solar facility of the Frankfort U.S. Army National Guard base. My group was excited to learn about innovative energy conservation and solar development throughout Kentucky.

Two energy experts then took us to see the solar panels of their facility, not far from the conference room. I had an amazing time learning valuable information regarding renewable energy potential in our state. Special thanks to Jason McDonald of the National Guard for giving us his time and sharing his knowledge.

Dominik Tye